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    As no one in the MCH office actually wears the labels, we have often wondered in the last few months if the ubiquitous Abercrombie & Fitch, Jack Wills, Johnnie B and Hollister hold a deeper meaning for those who actually buy them. To find out, we asked our 12-year-old expert Issy to explain them; this is what she said.

    Jack Wills

    Some people who wear Jack Wills like it because they think it makes them look rich because everybody knows it is very expensive. They are nice clothes but a bit overpriced. The clothes are not anything special but it is because of the name that everybody buys it because most people know about it. That is why most of their clothes have Jack Wills written on it and their logo splattered all over it. I sometimes think to myself if nobody had ever heard of Jack Wills and nothing said Jack Wills on it, would any teens/children really buy it? Its slogan is University Outfitters a clue to their shop in Cambridge, and the reason they can afford to charge those prices as its target market has money to spend.
    Johnnie B

    Johnnie B is a little like Jack Wills with the fact that the clothes are overpriced for what they actually are. Johnnie B is the recently established teen range of Boden. It has become very popular in my class at school and it seems that everybody is wearing it. The thing with Johnnie B: it is just like gap or H & M they are simple clothes and don’t draw a lot of attention, it is more that when a person asks you “ Oh where did you get those shorts from" the smile across your face as you say “Johnnie B” because everybody’s heard of it and everybody wants to be wearing it, this is the thing with most clothes that teens/children wear its all because of the name that you wear it and probably not as half much about whether you like it or not! This is not the case with everybody and some people wear it genuinely just because they like the clothes.
    Abercrombie and Fitch

    Abercrombie is reasonably priced comfy clothes but here is the catch, if you’re the sort of person who wears individual original types of clothes then Abercrombie and Fitch is not for you! This is probably because it is one of the most well known children/teens brand internationally its almost famous. When I walked along Oxford Street the other day I saw lots of tourists wearing Abercrombie and the queue for the store stretches as far as you can see! Well the store is quite an experience in itself with the loud music, the Abercrombie scent sprayed everywhere and the beautiful model staff, or so they think when they take pictures of their self!It is very popular and lots of Adults wear it as well; because it’s done so well they opened another brand Hollister.


    Hollister is by Abercrombie so the clothes are very similar but Hollister is lounge and beach wear, if you go onto both websites you can see that the main differences are that Abercrombie covers ranges of clothes where as Hollister sticks to classic comfy essentials. Hollister is cheaper and not as well heard of, but both are very similar. The fact that Hollister was established in California and Abercrombie was established in New York also shows the differences they are offering. I