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    The Friday Question: Screaming, kicking, tantrum-throwing, Barbie-hurling brats: if you can’t smack ‘em or shout at ‘em, what ARE you supposed to do?

    Flickr: Dan HughesA few months ago I was in a restaurant in Edinburgh with my family and extended relatives, when my three-year-old daughter started kicking off.  She had had enough kiddie-portion pasta, she was bored, and her tantrum was going off the scale. In the end, under the disapproving gaze of Scottish diners, I dragged her outside and made her stand there with me until she cooled down.
    We had been outside crying (her, not me, but I was close by this point) for about, ooh, 1 minute when a passing stranger stopped to ask her what the matter was, and then went into the newsagent next door to buy her a Cadbury’s Twisted bar, which he presented to her with a dodgy glance at me. Apart from thinking he was a cheeky git, I also wondered what exactly I was supposed to do with a misbehaving kid so as to NOT get disapproval from somebody.
    Can I ask - what is the acceptable way to discipline, or at least to try to control, your kid? What do YOU do when the  reasoning and naughty steps don’t work? I think a lot of parents genuinely struggle with this problem; not just the acceptability question, but also of what actually works on impossible infants. If anyone would care to share, I for one would be all ears.